Diaper Cakes

Apart from real cakes, I also like making diaper cakes.

Birthday Cake Decorating.

I like to make and decorate birthday cakes. (even if it's my own (^_^) )


I have been doing calligraphy since I was 9 years old.
I love it. My style is part flourish part traditional.
Here are some quick photos of examples of envelope addresses.
(Better examples later.)

Photo Restoration

I restore photos as well as retouch and color correct them.

Photo Retouching

I also like to do photo retouching.

Drawing and Painting

I did this painting of the Virgin Mary in college. It is displayed on an easel in my home.

I did this painting of Elliott Smith a few days ago. I used really thick paint to get a nice texture.
It's for sale on my Etsy store.

I drew this little Edward Scissorhands character in Adobe Illustrator just for fun.

I like to draw and paint graphic images. My inspiration comes from Pop Art.